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Mackenzie Breeden Interview

The full version of this interview with accompanying spread was featured in Issue 1: Bloom.

Interview/Design by: Isabella Vega

Art by: Ry Schmidt

Mackenzie Breeden is a filmmaker & photographer who makes a living by helping others find themselves. As she works behind the camera, she hopes to capture the soul of every person she photographs, likening the relationship between muse and artist to that of best friends. She shows us that even though life didn’t take the route you thought it would, sometimes it turns out for the better.

Isabella: How did you start getting into the world of photography? Do you remember the first camera you were ever given?

Mack: I genuinely never in a million years thought I would be a photographer, but I just had this gut feeling that I could be good at it. So in 2018, I randomly decided that if I got good at photography, I could make money off of it - I was desperate to be my own boss. At the time I was looking to quit my restaurant jobs for good and become a creative freelancer. So I bought a Canon 60D on Ebay for $200. I just kept shooting my friends and watching youtube videos and kept pounding the pavement. I quickly fell in love with photography and how creative I could be and all the wonderful people I began meeting --- it just all felt right.

Isabella: What has been your most memorable project to date?

Mack: I recently had the honor of shooting Emma Watson. Talk about imposter syndrome. At first I felt so out of place and felt like I was NOT experienced enough to be shooting her, but then I reminded myself that she reached out to me for a reason and I belonged there. I learned so much from that day and felt so incredibly grateful to work with her. And I am really proud of the images and can’t wait to share them!

Isabella: With the recent conversations of #MeToo in Hollywood and the issue of workplaces in the entertainment industry being abusive and not female friendly, what do you, as a filmmaker and photographer, think is the root issue of this? People in power abusing their power, over-industrialization of movies, people forgetting that film is an art and not a consumer product, etc.?

Mack: Oh man, what a question. Hollywood is so deeply ingrained into our culture in America. I mean we love entertainment --- following celebrities' lives, movies, fame, fortune, idolizing the rich and the famous. But the truth is the #metoo movement is so much bigger than just the Entertainment Industry - but of course it is given all the attention because of our obsession with Hollywood. But the truth, what I think is the root of the issue is we live in a white suprematist, capitalist patriarchy - so of course workplaces are not fair if you are a woman or person of color. Until we have more representation of women and people of color in positions where THEY get to call the shots then we will continue to see the discrimination and injustice. We can have a set or a movie with majority females and POC (which I try do with all my sets) but until women and POC are given the chance to sit in the seat that the cis straight white man has been sitting in for centuries, we will not have equality.

Isabella: The theme of this issue is “Bloom”, and it’s basically about thriving in these times of social distancing; how are you feeling during these times? How do you cultivate your “sense of self” aka feed your soul right now? As an artist, how has this impacted your creative process?

Mack: To be honest, I go through phases of being super creative, writing, reading, and taking photos during this time --- but for the most part, my “bloom” is looking like rest. I know not everyone has the privilege to be resting during a global pandemic, but I was fortunate to go home to live with my family in Colorado. For the past five years in LA I have always had three jobs, lived paycheck to paycheck, and never had days off. This time is teaching me the importance of slowing down, being with my family, and giving my soul the rest and restoration it needed. Feeding my soul right now looks like eating cheetos, drinking wine, binging Married at First Sight and watching the Avengers in chronological order with my mom.

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