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Issue 1: Bloom out NOW

Featuring: Interviews with Barrett Wilbert Weed, Ashley Ippolito, Demi Rae Moreno, Ella Fields, Mackenzie Breeden ; Columns by Mia McMillan & Maria Salamanca ; Submissions from some of the most talented artists alive right now.

Announcing: The Inaugural Issue of Sense of Self Magazine, Covered by Barrett Wilbert Weed 

Preorder HERE

This magazine has been a brainchild of mind for a bit. I always wanted to have my own publication, and more so a place for people to find genuine & authentic role models, in a world that is so superficial. Now, I’ve created a space for us all to find those genuine role models as well as cultivate our souls, find things that positively feed us. 

$1 off of each issue is donated to a charity chosen by the features. This issue is approximately 85 pages, printed on high-quality paper, filled with amazing submissions of art, photography & poetry, written personal essays/columns, and interviews with some of my favorite people:

- Demi Rae Moreno, a singer/songwriter who made Top 40 on American Idol. She chose to support the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

- Ashley Ippolito, a Youtuber/content creator most known for her reaction videos. She chose to support the ACLU. 

- Ella Fields, a young filmmaker. She chose to support Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles. 

- Mackenzie Breeden, a photographer/filmmaker who recently shot Emma Watson and HAIM, among others.

Our Cover Star is none other than Veronica Sawyer & Janis Sarkisian herself, Barrett Wilbert Weed. She truly exemplifies what it means to be an authentic human who is working to make the world a better place. She chose the support The Black Feminist Project.

It would mean the absolute world if you were to check out and order a copy! We ship internationally and within the US. Preorders are open for THIS WEEK ONLY, so grab a copy before they’re gone!

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