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Grace Sorensen Interview

Interview by: Isabella Vega

Art by: Jazmine Lyons

Sense of Self has the honor of introducing you all to Grace Sorensen, a 17-year old singer/songwriter who is releasing music from her soul. In her first ever interview, we spoke about her favorite artists, musical journey, and future dreams. Listen to her new song, Soul or System, out on all streaming platforms now.

Isabella: If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?

Grace: Definitely in the jungle, or somewhere that demands a deeper thinking and respect for the surroundings. Or more realistically, an LED lit room full of about 10 artists I love, just creating. Really nothing could ever beat that.

Isabella: Tell us about your journey as a musician thus far. How did you begin as a musician to now, how did you start releasing music?

Grace: Growing up a dancer, my life was heavily influenced by music. Once I realized that I wanted to be heard instead of seen, (as a dancer) I began teaching myself how to sing and write. I started by posting covers on my instagram, then looking all over the internet for voice teachers, artist development programs, or anything that trained kids in the commercial music world. With the eventual support of my parents I was able to make connections in Atlanta, Georgia with CSP Music Group. Through working with them I released my first single, “Tell Me” and learned a textbook worth of knowledge about who I am/want to be, and what the music industry is. I then decided that I wanted a blend of genres, and not so strictly R&B, and that led me back home to Austin, Texas in the loving hands of Orb Recording Studios. On June 26, I released my second single, “Velvet Noise.” My third, called “Soul or System” was released on August 28, 2020 and I am so grateful for every person that has believed in what I do, and given my sounds and lyrics the mere time of day.

Isabella: What is your song writing process like? What is your most favorite lyric you’ve written?

Grace; Truly my process changes every time, but I’ve found that when the most magic happens is when I allow myself no boundaries and spit the whole song out at once- music and lyrics. Reminding myself of why I like to write also sends me up a spiral of inspiration. I like to call myself out on my faults, and analyze things I perceive as the world’s faults, and sometimes even create imaginary situations. These writing topics are not only effective but act as a type of therapy to me. I don’t talk to people about my real feelings so it’s vital I have this outlet. My favorite lyric I’ve written is actually really simple, but I think it's the best and most precise way I’ve ever described what I want from someone; “Baby show me love don’t treat me- like a second option, you chose me.”

Isabella: What are your musical inspirations in terms of voice & style?

Grace: I want nothing more than to give Miguel, Ari Lennox, H.E.R., J. Cole, and Charlotte Day Wilson the fattest hug in the world for making me see something in myself. These artists are 100% authentically them, and have never swayed away from that in order to achieve “fame” or acceptance. They inspire me to establish a groove, a vibe, and soul in my sounds. I hope to be an artist like that one day, and maybe even make music with them.

Isabella: What is your biggest goal in your music career?

Grace: To work with the artists I’ve listed above. In addition to that, I believe my life goal is to be an outlet for people to connect and relate to. Far too many times in my life I’ve felt painfully alone and wished there were more representations of race, religion, emotions, and backgrounds. If I can successfully make a group, big or small, feel heard and respected I will have reached my goal. More materially- I want to do a tiny desk concert and a genius interview :) and of course do a world tour.

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